Men are clueless, and this could make you very difficult to find a Unique Gift Idea for him. So here at ‘Best Gift For Men’, I have brought ‘101 Gift Ideas For Men’ which are available on Amazon India.

So whether you are looking for the Best Anniversary Gift for Husband or the Best Birthday Gift for Boyfriend, these ‘101 Gifting Ideas for Men in India’ will suit every budget and also these gifts can never go wrong with any guy in your life. Some of these gift ideas can be Best Gift for Brother on his birthday or the Best Gift to your Male Friend.

So without losing time, let’s start with the Best Gifts for Men in India 2024.

Best Gift For Men in India 2024

I am sharing these Gifting Ideas for Men along with recommended products that available online on Amazon India.Β  Hope you love them. πŸ™‚

So I have added 101 gift idea for men based on different interests, hobbies, needs and likings of men. As you know more about your guy, you can pick the respective gifting idea which you may find as a Unique Gift for Men. These products can be the Best Birthday Gift for Husband, Anniversary Gift for Husband, Birthday Gift for Boyfriend or Best Birthday Gift for Brother or any guy in your life.

So here we go.

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101 Gift Ideas for Men in India in 2024

Type of Gifts

Gifting Ideas

Clothing & Personal Care Accessories To Gift MenCheck here
Watches, Sunglasses & Accessories As Best Gift For MenCheck here
Best Gifts For Men Who Are Apple (iPhone) LoversCheck here
Best Gifts For Men Useful In OfficeCheck here
Best Gifts For Men Who Love To Click Photos / PhotographyCheck here
Reading, Music & Movie Lover Related Gifts For MenCheck here
Gaming, Sports & Fitness Related Gifts For MenCheck here
Smart Devices To Gift MenCheck here
Outdoor & Travel Related Best Gift For MenCheck here
General & Customisable Gifts For MenCheck here

DISCLAIMER – All these Best Gifts for Men listed down here are available on Amazon and I may get small advertising fees if you buy through these links.

Top Birthday Gifts for Men

Clothing and Accessories never go wrong with a guys. These are best gifts for men as they can wear them anytime.

Stylish Shrugs for Men

Shrugs will never go out of style and believe me a guy would always love to wear a Stylish Shrug on his special day.

You can gift a cool-looking fancy colored shrug to your Handsome Husband, Stylish Brother or a Cool Male Friend without any hesitation. They are gonna love it for sure.

β†’ Buy it here (Amazon India)

Hindi Quotes T-Shirt for Guys

If he is your younger naughty brother or your lazy husband, this T-shirt with Quote ‘Hum Nahi Sudharenge’ would always bring a good laugh and teasing moments on their birthdays.

β†’ Buy it here

Check out other Hindi Quoted T-Shirts on Amazon India here.

You may check some Birthday Wishing Quotes for Husband here.

A Cool Pair of Puma Sneakers


Shoes are the most favourite accessory and can be the best gift for men on his birthday or any special day. Funky looking colourful sneakers look cool on almost every of his weekend outfits.

β†’ Buy it here (Amazon India)

By the way my wife just gifted me this Puma Sneaker on our 5th Wedding Anniversary. πŸ˜‰

Axe Men’s Grooming Kit with Travel Bag


This is truly the Best Gift Set for Gentlemen. This Axe Men’s Grooming Kit contains Body Perfume, Body Deodorant, Shaving Cream, and After-Shave Lotion which is a very useful gift for every man in everyday life.

Also, this kit comes with a good quality travel bag which can be a good organizer for his essentials.

β†’ Buy it here (Amazon India)

SYSKA Aqua Trim Pro Styling Kit


Just like a grooming kit, this Syska Styling Kit is also the one every guy want. If he keeps light beard, if he loves to be cleanly shaven, this kit is useful for every men who avoids salon expenses most of the times.

Syska Aqua Trim Pro Styling Kit comes with multiple options. Beard Trimmer which overall trims the facial hairs, Precision Trimmer which helps to shape beard better. Along with very useful Body Groomer for body hairs and Nost Hair Trimmer. Bingo!

β†’ Buy it here (Amazon India)


Kabir Singh Sunglasses


Really? Yes, Kabir Singh Sunglasses are way popular in guys and every guy would love to have this funky set of sunglasses.

This is purely a weekend outing stuff.

β†’ Buy it here


Parker Galaxy Gold Trim Ball Pen & Card Holder


This is not just a Gift, this is Parker.

Parker Pen is truly a royal gift for Men. It won’t suit young guys, but can be a Unique Gift for Husband, a Best Gift for Father or a Perfect Gift for Brother who has yet to prove his excellence in graduations.

β†’ Buy it here

Party wear Blazer for Men


Blazers are fab. A casual party wear blazer can be another best gift for men who loves attending functions & parties.

He will definitely love stylish party wear as a Gift like the one I recommended. Color choice is yours.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (Amazon India)


A set of Head Wrap Bandanas


These Bandanas are very useful for bikers, cyclists, long-haired guys and girls too. So you can also get some bandanas for yourself. πŸ˜€

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (Amazon India)


Men's Leather Wallet and Belt Combo


This gift is good to go for every office men. This is the best gift for father, husband or brother.

Hornbull products come with good quality and are amongst best-selling on Amazon. This Leather Wallet & Belt Combo looks great with formals.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ 

Premium Leather Wallet


If you are looking for a most premium wallet to gift your man, this Luis Stitch premium leather wallet is the one.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (



Hesley Hair Dryer


Be his Hair Stylist.

This Hesley Hair Dryer is best for Men as well as Women. If your guy can’t resist moving his finger through hairs, if he is very particular about how his hair looks, then this the best gift for him.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (


Electric Beard Straightener & Quick Hair Styler for Men

Gift this to your man and forget about this hair & beard styling needs.

This Electric Styler is the Best Straightener for Men. He can use it as hair straightener comb for hairs as well as a beard to set up frizzy & curly hairs to stylish straight looks.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (Amazon India)


Beardo Beard Bib Hair Catcher and Grooming Apron


A very useful thing to Gift Men. Don’t think much if you man trims his beard at home.

As you can see in the picture, he can just clip the front ends of this apron on the mirror and trim. All the hairs trimmed will be caught by this apron and you can have our basin as clean as before.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (Amazon India)


A Leather Jacket


So you gift any leather accessory to Men, they are gonna love it.

The same goes with a handsome leather jacket. This Blaq Ash Men’s Faux Leather Jacket is of good quality, looks stylish and looks even better as a Biker Leather Jacket.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (Amazon India)



Classy Gifts for Men

Watches are the most favourite accessory for men. So I have suggested a few Best Watches to Gift Men here. Also, I have listed some accessories which are classy as well as useful in daily lives.

You may also check the most luxurious gift ideas for men in here.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses


Gifts have to be Special. So no Sunglasses other than Ray-Ban could do as best as any other brand.

Ray-Ban is the most demanded brand by every sunglasses lover. It has best quality of glasses & frame, best styles, best presence factor which distinguishes you from others. An overall most luxurious gift for men.

*Refer Size Chart before buying it.

β†’ Buy Ray-Ban Aviators here

β†’ Buy Ray-Ban Wayfarers here

Perfumes for Men


β€œYou are never fully dressed without perfume!”
― C. JoyBell C.

Truly a perfume is the best gift a man can have. ‘Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein’ is the most wished & gifted perfume to Men on Amazon India. You can gift this to your husband or Father.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (Amazon India)


G-Shock Watches (For Tough Guys)


G-Shock Watches are known for Toughness. Every guy wish to have at least one G-Shock in his life. Like I got G-Shock GA-100-CF gifted by my wife. πŸ™‚

So if you think your man would love to have a tough casual G-Shock, you have variety of G-Shock watches available on amazon. Although, I got some recommendations below.

β†’ Buy Latest G-Shock GM-5600B here

β†’ Buy G-Shock with Music Connectivity (G-Mix) here

β†’ Buy Budget G-Shock GA-110 here

Fossil Luxury Hybrid Smart Watch


Having a Luxury Watch is a dream of every man. You may find many budget luxury watches from Fossil, Titan or Casio Edifice, but this Fossil Hybrid Smart Watch will serve the purpose of being a Smartwatch with that professional luxury looks.

This Hybrid watch has any smartphone connectivity through which you can monitor heart rate, step & sleep tracking. You get all apps notifications, weather reports, calendar, can control music everything at your fingertips without compromising classic analogue look of watch.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (Amazon India)


Wrist Watch Organiser Case


This Wrist Watch and Sunglasses Organiser Case is for those who have a couple of watches and sunglasses for use. Most of us have.

This case is very useful for personal use as well as family use and comes with elegant design & rich looks which truly makes with the Best Gift for Men in India.

β†’ Buy it here (


Gadgets to Gift Men (Apple Lover)

If he is an electronics and gadget lover, there cannot be any other best gift than Apple Accessories & products in 2024.

I have added limited Gadgets to gift men here, but you may know more about Techy Electronic Gifts for Men here.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case


Is you man an iPhone lover? It yes, then there could not be any other Best Gift for an iPhone lover than Apple Accessories.

Apple AirPods are the Bluetooth headset exclusively for iPhones and that provides excellent compatibilty with “Hey Siri” & also excellent sound quality.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (Amazon India)


Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44mm)


Another best Apple accessory to gift Men is Apple Watch.

Every tech-savvy guy find this iWatch very cool and useful due to the outstanding compatibility of iPhones and other Apple Gadgets.

Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest iWatch in market.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (Amazon India)


Metallic Strap for Apple Watch


Again around Apple gadgets. But if you man already owns an Apple Watch, this Stainless Steel Mesh Milanese Loop Strap with Adjustable Magnetic Closure can be the Best Gift for Him.

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (Amazon India)


Useful Gifts for Men

These are the best items you can gift a man for his office desk. These items are very useful and you will be remembered every time he uses them. πŸ˜‰

So if you want that your gift to him should be useful for him every day, you also check the list of useful gifts here also.

Bamboo Plant for Office Desk


No matter if he likes gardening at home or not, such small plants at the office desk will always be an exclusion to it.

This Bamboo Plant is truly the best gift for husband and once this is on his desk, I am sure he will remember about you every time he pours water into it. πŸ™‚

β†’ Buy it hereΒ (Amazon India)


Portable USB Mini Fan for Office Desk and Home

Summer is here. We always need some extra flow of air to beat the heat. In well air-conditioned office also there is a corner desk where air flow is not enough.

So be it office or home, this Portable USB Mini Fan can be very useful gift for him.

β†’ Buy it here

Pocket Size World Time Clock


When we work with overseas clients, we always need a World Timer.Β 

This small gadget is very useful as it shows the time of 18 different world cities. Additionally, it also has full view calender, LED flashlights, illuminated display, temperature display.

β†’ Buy it here (Amazon India)


Batman Bobble Head with Stand & Mobile Holder


This looks small, but this Batman mobile holder is going to be very useful & cool gift for men which can be kept on the office desk or study table.

You can gift this small gift to your husband or brother without hesitation. They are gonna love it for sure.

β†’ Buy it here (Amazon India)

Mouse & Keyboard Wrist Rest for Laptop/Desktop/Gaming


This is a simple yet useful gift for men who work on Laptop, Desktop or best gift for brothers who spend most of the time playing games on his computer.

Hochste Memory Foam is the best quality wrist rest available on Amazon.

β†’ Buy it here

Executive Office Bag


This is the gift which will be asked about by his colleagues. Executive office bags are the best organiser bags for office. It has a business laptop holder and several organisers pockets for other office items.

β†’ Buy it here

Vintage Airplane Model for Office Desk


This is a cool piece of art which can be gifted men as the best office desk decoration item.

β†’ Buy it here

Leather Business Trolley


This is the best gift for men who does official travels. If your father, husband or brother travels a lot of official trips, this leather business trolley is the most executive gift you can gift them.

You can keep a laptop, 2-3 pairs of clothes, personal care items and a couple of office items into it which are sufficient of 2-3 days of travel. If you gift this business trolley to him, he is definitely gonna love this.

β†’ Buy it here

Best Gifts for Photographer Guy

If your man loves to take a lot of photos, this section is truly for him.

Canon EOS 1500D Digital SLR Camera


Does he click photos from so many angles to make it a great click? Or is he always complains about the lossΒ  of clarity in the best photos clicked by him on his phone? If yes, I guess this is the time you should gift him a DSLR.Β 

Canon EOS 1500D is the Best DSLR Camera to gift a beginner.

β†’ Buy it here

GoPro HERO8 Action Camera


If DSLR is his thing, you might think of gifting him an Action Camera.

This is small, handy, waterproof, can be placed on a helmet, the best camera to take wide-angle photos, absolutely no vibrations in videos shot with it, and much more. This is just a small bundle of best photography experience.

β†’ Buy it here

Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit


These Lens Kits for Cell Phone Camera are just superb. You get 2x, wide angle, macro, fish eye, color filters and lot of cool lenses in one package which can be very easily placed on mobile camera to click photos like a pro.

This is really the cheapest and best gift for men who loves photography.

β†’ Buy it here

Camera Lens Coffee Mug


If he loves photography, if he always talks about photography, if he is just made for photography, this is the best gift for him.

This DSLR camera zoom lens like coffee mug is the best things he can use at home or at his workplace to take sips of his favourite coffee. Double satisfaction indeed!

β†’ Buy it here

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

This instant camera is amazing to click and print credit card size photos.Β 

Just click your portrait shot and let the photograph develop in dim light for about 3 minutes. Just 1 minute more than maggie. πŸ˜›

β†’ Buy it here

Cool Gifts for Music Lovers and Readers

I don’t know why I have combined all these categories together, but I am sure you love the cool gift ideas for men in 2024 here.

Kindle - Best Gift for Readers


Believe it or not, Kindles are the best gift for men who love reading. But unfortunately are not preferred due to Smartphones.

But if you guy is truly a reader, he would definitely love to have one Kindle as a gift on his special day.

Recommended Kindle device is 10th Gen Kindle with inbuilt backlight.

β†’ Buy it here

Reading Light for Book Readers


If he is also into books, this is small but very useful gift for him.

Reading Light comes with a clip which can be clipped on books which makes reading at night very comfortable to readers & others also.

β†’ Buy it here

Carvaan for Old Songs Lover


Old songs are choice of true music lovers. We have YouTube, Gaana app etc but Saregama Carvaan has it’s own distinguished image that doesn’t stop music lovers to buy this award-winning beautiful music set.

Saregama Carvaan has 5000+ preloaded tracks from Lata Mangeshkar, Md Rafi, RD Burman & all legends who has their great contribution in Indian music history.

This Carvaan is the Best Gift for Father or Husband who thinks ‘Old is Gold’.

β†’ Buy Saregam Carvaan Hindi (5000+ song) here

β†’ Buy Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0 (351 Songs) here

JuΓ’rez Acoustic Guitar


If your man has fond of musical instruments and if he always pretends like holding a guitar & sings for you, I guess this is the right time you should gift him an Acoustic Guitar.

The guitar is truly the Best Surprise Gift for any man.

JuΓ’rez Acoustic Guitar is the best entry-level guitar and is the best-selling guitar on Amazon. Your man would never regret having it.

β†’ Buy it here

Pocket Size Bluetooth Speaker


This is one of the coolest gift your man can get. Give it to your younger brother he is definitely going to make good use of it.

β†’ Buy it here

Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speakers


You want big. Bose Soundlink Mini is the big daddy in Bluetooth Speakers. It comes in a very handy size, but it’s sound quality & loudness can beat any other speaker 3-4 times bigger than this.

This is best speaker to take outdoor and party. You can gift this to your husband and you both can make use of it. I have personally used this speaker so I recommend this.

β†’ Buy it here

Realme Wireless Ear Buds


Wireless earphones are today’s thing. With a variety of wireless earphones available in India right now, make sure you gift your man the best one.

Realme Wireless Ear Buds are best-selling earphones are best gift for brother or husband.

β†’ Buy it here

boAt Airdopes 201 True Wireless Earbuds


If you want to go more wireless, have these boAt Airdopes can be your choice.

These boAt Airdopes are the best sound quality earbuds in India and it is also the most gifted earphones on Amazon India.

β†’ Buy it here

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset


Does he like playing virtual games? Is he a movie freak? Or most of the times he watches his favourite music videos on YouTube. If yes, then you gift him Procus One Virtual Reality Headset.Β 

This device has 40mm lenses which provides 100Β° viewing angle. Procus One has best reviews on Amazon for it’s the best picture & build quality, premium feel and being a budget VR set in India.

β†’ Buy it here

Portable Phone Projector


This is fun. Portable Phone Projector is a simple setup which amplifies your smartphone screen size with the help of lens screen. You can watch movies or music videos on a big screen with your smartphone.

β†’ Buy it here

Gifts for Gaming & Sport Lover Men

In this section, I have suggested best gifting ideas for men who are into sports and who loves gaming. Hope you find them useful.

Gaming Headphones with RGB LED Effect


If your brother or husband is much into gaming, you can consider gifting Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USB Gaming Headphones with RGB LED Effect to him.

β†’ Buy it here

Aluminium Sipper Bottles for Football Lovers


If he is crazy about football, you have this Sipper Bottle to gift him on his special day.

This aluminium sipper bottle has photo of everyone most favorite football player Cristiano RonaldoΒ and has a meaningful message written on it, which is ‘Without Football My Life is Worth Nothing’.

He is definitely gonna love this best gift for him.Β 

β†’ Buy it here

Coffee Mug for Cricket Lovers


Best gift for men who are a big fan of Cricket.Β 

This ceramic coffee mug has the Evolution of Cricket art which shows how we people have evolved from Monkeys to Cricketer. Haha, quite funny but best gift for Cricket lovers.

β†’ Buy it here

Gym & Fitness Gifts for Men

Here are some Gifts for Gym Guys and Fitness Lovers in 2024.

Fitness Band for Fitness Lovers


Fitness is everything. Even if your guy is much into fitness, still this Mi Smart Band 4 can track every activity of him and motivate him towards keeping fitness.

This Mi smart band 4 tracks steps, sleep, monitors heart rate, notifies about smartphone alerts and does everything which is required for healthy living.

This is latest best-selling fitness band on Amazon India right now.

β†’ Buy it here

Digital Weighing Scale


Everyone is loosing weight now a days.

Then why not go for Hoffen HO-18 Digital Weighing Scale where your man can measure his weight performance at home to keep up to his fitness goals.

β†’ Buy it here

Abdominal Exercise Roller Wheel


This abdominal exerciser roller wheel is the best equipment for men to have abs exercise at home without putting much efforts.Β 

Easy to use and it also comes with free knee pads for comfort while using it.

β†’ Buy it here

Home Gym and Fitness Kit


Joining gym is getting costlier day by day. And if this is the reason why your man is not going to gym, why don’t you think about getting Gym at home.

Core Fitness Home Gym & Fitness Kit has Dumbells, cross-bars, gloves, gym bag, skipping rope, hand gripper and almost everything that convert your home into Home Gym. Weight plates are of PVC material so no risk on scratches on the floor.

β†’ Buy it here

Army Camouflage Gym Track Pant


If your man is into gyming, fitness or any outdoor activity, this Peppyzone Army Camouflage Gym Track Pant is going to be best gift for him.

It looks cool, is useful and comes with good quality cotton material. He is surely gonna like it.

β†’ Buy it here

3 in 1 Duffle cum Gym Bag

My personal favourite item which you can gift your man. This is 3 in 1 Gym Bag which can also be used as Bagpack & Duffle Bag.

β†’ Buy it here

Smart Gifts for Him

Smart devices are your mates for today. Here I have listed these best smart devices in 2024 which can be gifted to men for their easeful & smart life.

Echo (4th Gen) – Smart Speaker with Alexa

Alexa Smart speaker to gift men on birthday

This is the Best Selling Smart Device on Amazon India. Alexa enabled Echo (4th Gen) Smart Speaker is all-in-one-go of a kind.

You can talk to Alexa in Hindi & English both and ask her updates about news, weather, cricket scores, kids stories etc.Β  She can play millions of songs for your of your choice. Echo dot smart speaker can even manage your home appliances if configured.

Overall the Best Smart Device to Gift Men in India for 2024.

β†’ Buy it here

Fur Jaden Anti-Theft Backpack


The reason I included Fur Jaden Anti-Theft on the list of smart devices is the smart use of this bag pack in our day-to-day life.

This backpack has anti-theft design with hidden zippers, secret pocket to keep your handy documents, USB charging port & multiple pockets for convenient use. Also, it comes with waterproof material for safety while it’s raining.

This is truly the best gift for tech-savvy men. You can gift this bag to your brother, Husband or any man who can make a good use of it.

β†’ Buy it here

Roav Viva Alexa Enabled Smart Car Device

Does your man drive a lot? If yes, this smart device for cars could be your destination on Best Gift For Men.

This smart device comes with magnetic phone holder (small one) and car charger 2 USB fast charging ports. On the top it has a Smart Device with Alexa with whom you can talk and ask her to play music, maps and many more.

β†’ Buy it here

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


This Smart Vaccum Cleaner is made for those lazy people who don’t even want to run a Canister Vacuum Cleaner through the floor.

Gift it to your lazy husband or your old aged father as this Robotic Vacuum Cleaner will clean and mop floor automatically, plus it can park itself to parking station also. So no need to look into it once cleaned.

β†’ Buy it here

Smart Watch


A smartwatch is no doubt the best gift for men. It not only gives you smart access to your smartphone apps notifications, music, maps etc but also takes care of your heart rate, fitness tracking and everything.

I’m sure smartwatch is gonna be the most likeable gift for your man on your special day.

β†’ Buy Fossil Smartwatch here

β†’ Buy Noise Smartwatch here (Budget Option)

Unique Gifts for Outdoor Men

Everyone travels and enjoy outdoor activities. So in this section, I have listed things that will be useful for men who love being outdoor.

Puma Cap

Simply gift him a Puma Cap.

A cap is always a unique gift for men who are mostly outdoor.

β†’ Buy it here

55 LTR Rucksack for Trekking & Hiking


Is he a backpacker kind of man? He loves his life outdoor, goes for hiking and trekking. Or just a traveller who takes you out on any weekend. Then this is the best gift for him.

This ‘Get Unbarred Rucksack’ comes with 55-liter capacity where you can carry 17-inch laptop, clothes, book, trekking & hiking gear and also a shoe compartment. In short, it is the perfect gift for men who loves being outdoor.

β†’ Buy it here

Tizum Gray Gadget Organiser Bag


Another best travel mate for men is Tizum Gray Gadget Organiser Bag where he can keep all important gadgets & electronics accessories.

β†’ Buy it here

Portable Leatherette Briefcase Bar Set


Gift for Party Animals. If life for your man is just go outdoor and party, then this is the best gift for him.

This Bar set has all bar accessories like whiskey glasses, peg measurer, ice cube picker, tong & opener and a compartment for 1 bottle of whiskey.

β†’ Buy it here

Swiss Army Knife


Swiss Knife is the best companion for trekkers or climbers. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife includes large blade, small blade, can opener, screwdriver, wire cutter and many useful tools handy.

This is surely the best gift for men who are trekkers/climber or love their life outdoor.

β†’ Buy it here

Prestige Charcoal Barbecue

Go outdoor, go camping and never miss to cook your favourite Chicken Barbeque dish with Prestige Charcoal Barbecue.

This is the perfect gift for men who are foodie campaigner.Β 

β†’ Buy it here

Travel Neck Support Pillow


Does he travels a lot? Then he definitely needs this travel neck support pillow to make his sleep during air, train or bus travel comfortable.

β†’ Buy it here

Syska 20000 mAh Power Bank

No doubt, your man can’t live without his Smartphone. So a gift like Power Bank will be the best gift ever for any man in your life.

I recommend Syska 20000 mAh power bank being best-selling product in this category.

β†’ Buy it here

Royal Enfield Riding Jacket


Royal Enfield is the first choice of every man in India.

So if you man is a rider, no matter whether he owns a Royal Enfield or no, you can always gift him this limited edition Royal Enfield Riding Jacket which is specially designed keeping style & safety in mind.

β†’ Buy it here

Swiss Military Green Toiletry Bag


Travelling can be a real mess if he is not well-organised about his belongings.

This Swiss Toiletry Bag is very useful for such men to keep their personal care essentials in one place.

β†’ Buy it here

Personalized Gifts for Men

And at last, these are some Personalized Gift Ideas for Men for 2024 which can be customized and can be gifted for general use.

You may check Personalized Gift Ideas also.

Color Changing Coffee Mug


This is a kinda personalised gift for men. You can either get a photograph of your choice printed on this mug or there are many cups available with custom messages.

Now it’s your choice whether to make this gift as a romantic gift for husband or a unique gift for guys.

β†’ Buy it here

Wall Hanging Photo Frame Set


This is the Best Customizable Gift for a father or husband. You can choose 9 memorable moments captured in photographs and customize them the way you want.

β†’ Buy it here

Explosion Box - Romatic Gift for Husband / Boyfriend


If you want your husband to live the most special moment while receiving a gift for him, then Explosion Box is the best gift to customize.

When you open this box, there are so many pockets where you can keep small-small photographs of your special moments with him.

This can also be the Best Gift for a Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

I have personally received one Explosion Box as a gift on my birthday from my lovely wife, so I recommend it. You will really create beautiful moments with him. πŸ™‚

β†’ Buy it here

Unique Gifts for Men

Hookah Pot


Is he a party animal? And most of the times you guys throw House Parties? If yes, this the thing for you.

Rest you know very well how this beautifully crafted Hookah Pot is going to light up your party mood. πŸ˜‰

β†’ Buy it here

Electric Foot Spa Massager


After a stressful day, if you want your man to have a relaxing hot water foot massage, you can consider this Lifelong Electric Foot Spa Massager which has a variety of foot care like bubble bath, foot spa, hot water pedicure massage.

You can gift this to your husband. Also it can be the best gift for father or anyone guy who can find this useful.

β†’ Buy it here

Superman Apron for Cooks

Does he like cooking? Or you want to get him to the Kitchen to cook for you?

Haha, jokes apart but this can be a fun but coolest gift for your husband on his special day.

β†’ Buy it here

If you are looking it for your father, you can buy The Grill Father Apron here.


Stylish Durable Hand Bag


Men love leather. So you can buy this stylish leather handbag for you guy which can be used outdoor on weekend trips, even in office.

β†’ Buy it here

Digital Photo Frame


Another gift for your man that you can customise is Digital Photo Frame.

You can add a number of photographs into this Digital photo frame and it will create a beautiful slide show of those memories you have lived together. It is the best gift for office desks also.

β†’ Buy it here

Bedroom Couple Slippers


This gift is purely for couples. Simple yet cute thing to gift your husband.

Bedroom slippers are comfortable to use at home and this pair of couple bedroom slippers with Mr. & Miss. written on it add more meaning to it.

β†’ Buy it here

Swing Chair


Comfort is the best thing you can ever gift your man.

This Outdoor Swing Chair is better than other swing chairs as it doesn’t require any hanging point. You can easily move this from balcony to living room or anywhere you want.

So as this gift could also improve your home decor requirements, this is cherry on the top. πŸ˜‰

β†’ Buy it here

Zero Gravity Chair


As I said Comfort is the best thing you can gift your man, this Zero Gravity Chair is the one you can look for.

Best gift for Retiring Father or any elderly, or even young ones. This zero gravity chair comes with the best-built quality and is amongst best-selling chairs on amazon India.

β†’ Buy it here

Phone & Passport Holder Wallet/Card Holder


Little old school but still looks rich & useful.

This Goatter Hunter Leather phone & passport holder has the best quality leather material and premium look. This is very useful for travellers who can keep their phone, passports, credit cards and other important documents in one place.

β†’ Buy it here

Coffee Maker


Everyone loves coffee. But this is the gift for die-hard coffee lovers.

If your man sips coffee 4 times a day, this is the best gift for him. You can gift this best-selling Philips Coffee Maker machine to him on your special day.Β 

This is gonna be gift for him for lifetime, and also going to be useful for everyone else at home.

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Foot Massager

The best thing you can gift your father or working husband is here. This JSB HF05 Leg Foot Massager is a worth buy as it is very helpful for men to relax their legs after a long working day or men in their old ages.

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Multifunctional Body Massager


This multifunctional body massager is a need. You can get deep tissue massage on your thighs, back, neck or buttocks with very easily holding it over a body part.

Aqtus Multifunctional Body Massager is the best gift for men, specially husband or father.

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Hope you have found a Unique Gift from our listed 101 Gift Ideas for Men in India 2024.

Thank you. Have a nice day!