14 Best Anniversary Gifts for Husband | 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him in 2024

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY is the day of celebration of the vows taken together for years and years to live with each other holding hands, tightly entangling fingers irrespective of any situation. It is a date on which the couple bond themselves with purity, loyalty, innocence, respect, and more of love for their entire life.

Marriage is something that no one can define but though every one of us can experience it once in our lifetime. It is the greatest gift of life to us. I deeply believe that we all deserve love so we all have our special person but due to our professional lives, workloads we get so exhausted that we never think of growing our love by spending more time together and concreting our communication.

Though we always keep them in our hearts then why not express the love to your husband with gifts. Gifts are actually the source of excitement in a relationship. A good gift is something that just spreads a happy curve on his face.

Anniversary gifts for Husband in India

Why gift on wedding anniversary?

If it’s your 1st wedding anniversary or any number, celebrate it with all your heart open! Memorize the days when you were love birds! Cheers to the years of togetherness! No matter how many years of marriage it’s been, celebrating it is the sweetest thing you can do in love! Surprising your husband with gifts is just to cherishing as he is the cheerleader to you, the one who handles your mood swings, stands with you, supports you, gives more respect to your opinions, the man who loves you so eternal. He deserves your gifts of love!

Ladies! What are you waiting for then?? Having a husband and sharing a bond is never that easy, accepting flaws, you both adjusting and organizing everything together for years is a pure symbol of love.

Here’s I am presenting you the most romantic, mesmerizing, and awful gifts that you’re husband gonna impressed by the choice you have! Your search will surely get destined here! All the gifts suggested by me will give lovely vibes to you as they are very according to a man’s mood and choices!

And in case you are deliberately looking for the most premium gifts for your husband, I would suggest you check luxury gifts for men.

Being a man I can easily accommodate to a man’s gift preferences. 😉

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Best Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Greeting Cards for Husband

Cute greeting card for husband

Here’s the cutest way to express your love to your husband with these matte finish greetings cards. It is a pack of 10 cards, all digitally printed with romantic messages, and will surely light up his mood! The cards are so exciting and have love vibes. It will be the sweetest anniversary gift for him.

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Scroll Greeting Card

Scroll greeting card for perfect husband

Wow! A scroll greeting card is quite adorable. It is printed with a romantic poem to express your heart feelings to your man. Sometimes women fail to convey their love to the man of their life, so the scroll card will surely work here to make your hubby feel special. It will be a gift of pure words and emotions to him.

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A Fill in the Blank Gift

fill in the blanks gift for anniversary

It’s just so exciting by the name ‘ A Fill in the Blank Gift’. This is a blank book gift to fill by you that what you love about him and your memories. I will highly suggest this to you as it is truly a romantic gift to your man. Get this blank book, take a pen and start filling the card with the love, feelings, emotions, memories for your husband. He will have the worth gift of his life. You will get a lot of gifts but a gift which is written by you will be just so dear to him.

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Titan Analog White Dial’s Men Watch

best watch to gift husband on anniversary

A hand watch always goes suitable for all types of clothing and matches every mood. Well, it is Titan’s Men’s Watch and will surely give him the desired look. It is having a combination of white dial, black band, and European numbers in the dial with a black-colored band leather. It will keep your man in fashion always.

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Engage Perfume Spray

deoderant as gift for men

A men perfume spray is a gift to enhance his masculine personality. This Engage M1 Perfume Spray is skin-friendly and smells so good for the day. A gift like this will surely engage him in you! Gifting a pleasant smell is so marvelous, it keeps quite simple! And yes ‘Perfume is the art that makes memory speak’.

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GIANX Sunglasses

sunglasses as anniversary gift

It is a fashionable and stylish gift for any man. Especially this GIANX Retro Rectangular Aviator Sunglasses is suitable for every type of face cut and will style him with his formals. Sunglasses are always trendy and give mystery to the eyes. He will surely love this gift because of its shape, non-irritating nose pads, and shades.

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Pillow with filler

wedding gift with cushion

So what about framing your photos into memories on a cushion. And that with Happy Anniversary printed on it! Such a sweet gift for your anniversary. You can add all your choice of photos where you both are sharing so cute memories together and you are gifting it to him with the comfort of a pillow. It just sounds so amazing. I would love to suggest this to you ladies.

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Coffee Mug

anniversary gift cup for men

The coffee mug is a reviving gift. It is Paperholic’s Creations Love Printed Ceramic Coffee Mug. It will be so impressive because of its black color and ‘LOVE’ printed on it will express your love to him every morning and your husband will more enjoy his coffee. Gifting a coffee mug is quite a gift that will be utilized daily. And an anniversary gift like this will memorize him of you!

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Leather Men’s Fold Wallet

mens wallet to gift on 1st anniversary

This majestic Baggit’s leather men’s fold wallet is having more compartments for your men’s all essentials. It is in a crocodile shade giving it an imposing look to style up your man. A wallet is always in need and this wallet will give him elegance with its non-irritating leather. He can arrange all his personal cards, debit cards, money, etc in this one wallet because of its many parts provided. This gift will be lovable.

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Hornbull Men’s Brown Wallet and Belt Combo


This Hornbull men’s brown wallet and belt combo set is a discerning set with high-quality leather. It is really well designed and the wallet is with compartments to accommodate your needs. The belt is well in length and really suitable for formals. Such combos are always refined just because of their leather material and stylish looks. And the brown shade always fits with formals. Gifting this combo as an anniversary gift for your husband will be a good idea as it will be highly used and he will feel your love in his every use.

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Table Lamp


Aica LED Table Lamp is a combination of warm blue and white LED light. It is a perfect romantic gift for your anniversary. It is having romantic lighting which will be placed in the living room or bedroom as a night lamp. This romantic gift will amorous him and your husband will surely like it. May the night lamp bring all beautiful colors to your love life. And it gives a good shine to your relation.

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Tower Lamp

photo tower for anniversary gift

This Tower Photo Lamp is a personalized anniversary gift for your man. This includes 13 pictures with 1 lamp, a radiant gift to your man.

It will bring a new shine on his face and ultimately in both of your love life! You select your own photographs to add to this tower lamp. As the lamp will light up it will light the memories through the photographs on it. Anniversary gift should be like this radiant and romantic!

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tumbler to gift outgoing husband

This is a ‘Happy Everyday’ Tumbler. A gift that is so required, and is so trendy, why not gift him a tumbler. This suits him in a party as to drink wine or beer in it. Even if he is a tea or a coffee person, he can enjoy it. He will praise you in front of everyone whenever he will use this stylish tumbler out with friends or coworkers. He will always appreciate you for this sweetest gift.

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Beard Growth Kit

best anniversary gift for beardo man

A beard care gift for your man will be so caring and adorable gift of his life. It includes beard oil, beard wash, beard balm, beard brush, beard comb, beard scissor, and a storage bag to organize all this in it. He can carry this anywhere. This is a beard-caring and soothing product and is the best gift for a beardo. If your husband loves beard or beardy looks make him more manly, the gift will give him good beard care and this beard growth kit will help in standing in the trendy world of fashion.

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Final Words

So this was all about Best Anniversary Gift for Husband in 2021. I hope you this article has been useful for you to pick up best gift for your man. In case you want to look for few more gift ideas, you can check out our below article.

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Wish you best wedding anniversary in advance. Thank you.